A 99$ Amazon Kindle – Excited ?

Speculations are rife in the technology market  that amazon are deciding to launch a new variant of the amazon kindle(a disaster) …. and the best part ? Its just for 99$ !!

At that price the new amazon kindle looks poised to take the android tablet market by storm

According to reports , the device is rumored to sport a TI processor like the rest of the lineup, and will have a 1280×600 resolution, like today’s Kindle Fire HD 7″ does.

This report follows a former announcement by Amazon about reduced prices on its Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ devices. The Wi-Fi-only version will now cost $269, down from $299, while the LTE version dropped from $499 to $399.

At this price point the device looks to be a market leader … however the device does face heavy competition from the iPad(bestseller) and the other tablets of android origin.

The price (99$ .. i mean really!?) is a desperate attempt by amazon to make its presence felt in the android market .

That amzon succeeds in its venture will only be known in the coming few weeks .

Follow this post for more updates on the amazon kindle


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