How to Get More Followers on Twitter ?

Twitter is now the ‘next big thing’ in the social circles after the facebook revolution

Many of you would be having a twitter account but are craving for more followers and popularity on the site . So Here is how you can greatly increase your follower count.

  1. Tweet well and tweet often. Selective followers will also glance at your most recent tweets to see if you’re worth following.Be interesting, transparent and provocative.
  2. Follow people who follow people that are like you.
  3. Ask people to retweet you.
  4. Search for tweets with keywords related to your topics of interest
  5. Use hashtags

     6. Regularly unfollow people who haven’t followed you back

     7.Follow everyone who follows you

     8. Use Twitaholic. Pick major cities, states and countries like Chicago or India .Follow anyone with who is following over 200 more people than are following them back.

Hope yo find more followers with the above methods . If you have betther ways to increse following please comment


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