How to Get More Facebook Likes ?

After creating your facebook page …. what is your next step ? You definitely want people to like and talk about your page … But How ?

Let us see –

  1. Ask your family and friends to Like your Page. You can do this by posting an update about your Page in the timeline of your personal Facebook profile. If you have time, you could also send individual Facebook messages to supportive friends about your new Page.
  2. Facebook allows you to invite Skype, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail contacts to Like your Page. The options appear automatically on your admin page
  3. Integrate Facebook into your website. To do this is to add the Facebook Like Box plug-in to your blog or home page.
  4. Facebook Ads are for those who are prepared to splash money to promote their page . Thses ads can be easily activated under the option – Buil your audience>Create Advert

Hope you get more likes for your Facebook Page




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