iPhone 5 – The greatest smartphone – Really ??

The hype created before the launch of the iphone 5 was anything but unusual . The success of the previous generatitions and the legacy of its late founder steve jobs all made the iphone 5 the biggest news in the world . Much was expected from the company’s flagship device . So… does it fullfill the expectations .. lets see


Pick up the iPhone 5 and you will instantly find that the Phone is amazingly light. You’ve probably heard the numbers by now (20 per cent lighter than the predecessor, as well as beating most of the opposition too at 112g. The overall effect of the phone is a chassis designed for strength & it just sits more anonymously in the pocket.

You’ll obviously see the change in height too – the iPhone 5 stands 123.8mm tall to allow for the larger 4-inch screen

We’ve tested both the ceramic white version and the anodised black, and the two tone effect on the back of the phone is stunning, both visually and under the finger.

It doesn’t beat the sheer beauty of the HTC One S  but it’s well-set in second place.


The phone , with its A6 core chip is an excellent performer . period. Applications work seamlessly and the user interface is slick and fast .


The apple application store has the largest number of applications and is one of the best in the market now. With and improved user interface iOs 6 , Improved siri , more applications and a phenomenal  camera . thephone surely is a multimedia powerhouse.

However , older applications suited to the 3.5 inch screen have not been upgraded yet and have black bars on each side to cover up space. Disappointing.


You get up to 8 hours of talk time, up to 8 hours of browsing over cellular networks, and up to 10 hours of video playback. Nothing to write home about but decent enough.


The iPohe 5 is surely a good phone on its own but it does not justify its apple badging and with the release of the samsung galaxy S4 …apple surely has some catching up to do .


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