How to jailbreak your iPhone ?


Jailbreaking—the process that enables you to install unauthorized-by-Apple third-party apps and additional features on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad—has been in a largely dormant state since the release of iOS 6. In that version of the mobile operating system, Apple closed many of the avenues jailbreakers had once used to crack it open.

But wait … there is no room for disappointment on technocratti … we have the solution..

So let get started –

Burning it down

With the warnings out of the way, let’s get started.

To begin, back up your device.

  1. Plugging it into your computer,
  2. Launch iTunes,
  3. Choose File > Devices > Back Up.This helps ensure that any data you have on your device can be later restored.
Before jailbreaking, be sure to back up your data
  1. Now download a copy of evasi0n from one of the mirror sites listed on the evasi0n site(it’s a download of just over 10MB).
  2. Double-click the .dmg file to decompress it and an evasi0n window will appear on your desktop.
  3. Drag the evasi0n application out of the window to the desktop and launch it.

Connect your iOS device and click the Jailbreak button. evasi0n will retrieve some information from your device. The device will then reboot and prepare itself for the jailbreak. Don’t do anything with your device during this stage.

evasi0n begins its work

evasi0n will now install Cydia—the application that provides access to third-party apps—on your device. When instructed to by evasi0n, unlock your device by pressing the Home button and swiping the Slide to Unlock switch to the right. You should see a new Jailbreak icon on your Home screen. Tap it and evasi0n will carry on with the final stage of the jailbreak. You can now quit evasi0n by clicking the Exit button.

Don’t touch your device until evasi0n tells you to

Your device will reboot, briefly display the evasi0n screen, show the Apple logo, and then show the evasi0n screen again, which details the progress of the jailbreak installation. Finally, your device is ready for you to use in the normal way.

The one difference you’ll see is a Cydia icon on the home screen. Tap it and Cydia launches, prepares its file system, and then quits. To then use Cydia as intended, tap its icon once again, choose your user type (User, Hacker, or Developer), tap Done, and the Cydia interface loads.

Cydia is now in the house



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