Sony Xperia Z – Hands On review


Sony for long has remained in the shadows of its larger than life opponents (read samsung , apple) but it has comback and surely with a bang . So lets see what the company’s flagship device has to offer ….


This is the best smartphone screen i had ever seen . Period. The device has a 5inch full HD IPS screen which is INCREDIBLE. Colors seems so lively and HD videos work seemlessly. The overall design of the smartphone was however disappointing considering the sony brand name . With its box-like appearence it surely wont win many hearts for its design.


The phone houses a 1.5 Ghz quad-core processor which is slick and fast and the phone is therefore a decent performer . Mated to the latest version android , sony’s touch ui does manage to grab a few eyeballs with its incredible fee and look .


The one feature that separates the phone from the competition is its exceptional 13 megapixel camera which is just….awesome . Photos are crisp and bright .


Battery life is decent and the phone managed a respectable 5.5 Hours on full usage.


An Excellent phone with exceptional features , Sony COULD HAVE truly revived its fortunes if not for its own undoings. The phone is priced above the current bestseller – The samsung Glaxy S3 by a hefty $150 and is clearly not worth the difference.


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