Samsung Galaxy S4 – IPhone 5 killer ?

Samsung Galaxy S4 1

So the Samsung has finally let the cat out off the box … its much-anticipated “iPhone killer” ..the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the unveiling in New york on thursday night .

Much was expected from the device after the phenomenal success of the other devices in the galaxy range . So let us see does the s4 justify the galaxy branding …..


The first impression when you see the taj mahal …… “That is bloody awesome !” . well the s4 doesnt invoke any such feelings . on the contrary it looks and feels about the same as the s3 in form and design factors and therefore feels boring . even though minor superficial changes do exist like the checkerboard finish on the body and a new color addition – black , the device essentially remains to be a bigger (5 inch) s3

Samsung Galaxy S4 14


This is the first device on offer which provides a 8 core processor . However it remains to be seen whether this change would just be a gimmick or would actually provide the device the necessary ammo to blast its competition out. We managed to get our hands on the 1.9 ghz quad-core option and its worth noting that the performance is phenomenal . The user interface (samsung touch wiz) is slick and there is no lag whatsoever in multitasking or heavy applications . The device is mated to the android’s latest software upgrade jellybean 4.2.2 which more or less feels the same as the previous version . This factor ,sadly, s4 more to the s3 .

Exynos 5


The one notable change here is the awe-inspiring 13 megapixel camera which on paper seems to be a good performer . coupled with a 2 megapixel front camera the s4 also offers dual camera option which enables to shoot videos using both cameras simultaneously .

Samsung Galaxy S4 10


Samsung always manages to come out with features that we only read in Isaac Asimov’s books , which sound more like gimmicks than features . The s4 is no exception with the following new features :

  1. With Smart Pause the device recognises that you are paying attention to it, automatically pausing content if you turn your head away from the screen for more than a second, kicking it back into action again once you redress the device. Smart Scroll with just a tilt of your hand will scroll up and down, and it will only do this when it knows you are paying attention.From first use these appear more than a simple gimmick, with Smart Pause especially appealing as a feature that will prove useful during prolonged use ensuring you never miss a moment of video content again.Samsung Galaxy S4 7
  2. On top of this, two other highly impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 features are its Air View and Air Gesture options. While the Air Gesture capabilities allowed us to swipe through content without every touching the display, Air View offered glimpses of previously hidden content, such as messages and emails, again without ever having to physically touch the screen.Brilliantly intuitive from the off, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Air View feature is a true time saver, letting us hover a finger a centimetre or two above the screen and be offered pop-up access to email content, text messages and contact information.


The samsung galaxy is surely not a game changer as it was touted to be however it does manage to please us with its incredible screen and camera. Can the  Samsung Galaxy S4  take off exactly where the Samsung Galaxy S3 had made its home, as the market leading Android handset ?


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