How to make your desktop faster ?

Are you tired of fataly slow computers and the time wasted on your pc eating up your personal life !?

Why worry when there is technorrati ?

There are multiple reasons why your pc may ‘appear’ slow . the following are the most common ones :

  1. Old processor – pentium4 , dual core etc
  2. very low RAM
  3. Multiple files and space consuming files
  4. ‘weed’ files on your pc eating up required space

So without wasting more time .. lets get to the solution

  1. Clear up unwanted files on your pc , particularly those present in local c drive
  2. Clear up files on your temporary folder . The temporary folder houses all the unwanted files and folders on your pc which can potentialy slow down your computer
  3. To clear up , just follow this order : start>>run>>%temp>>deleate all
  4. Disk Defragmenter : There are various tools present on the web which can act as a defragmenter . A disk defragmenter considerably increases the speed of your computer applications
  5. Finally , you must have herd this a plenty of times but it remains to be the golden rule for increasing performance of your pc : INCREASE YOUR RAM . Ideally speaking for a pentium 4 desktop the RAM must be atleast around 1GB .

Follow the above steps and you will see a considerable difference in your PC/MAC’s performance .


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